Chamber Of Commerce

Mission of the Chamber Of Commerce

The Ulnovabad Chamber of Commerce as a special purpose parliamant has the following mission:

Important Members of the Chamber Of Commerce

Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Trade
Brink & Hov Beers and Beverages
Bishov Books
Kalashnikov Security Equipment
Ichhov Religious Objects & Articles
Ichnichtmehrhov Peace- & Freedomware
Carlov Avionics, Electronics
Pissov Security Systems, Burglar Alarms
Althov Ironware, Hardware
Hovman & Hovman Music Media
Tsinnov Nautical Equipment
Bokharov Secretariate Services
Summer In The City Open Air Entertainment Systems
Takeov Airport Maintenance Systems
Fedchenkov Hygiene Products
Rudov Construction Materials
CimRail Railway Company
AIR-U Airline
Meritéan Express Shipping company


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